PEO supports waterfowl hunting education

PEO supports waterfowl hunting education

April 11, 2015 by

Prairies Edge Outfitting Committed to Education

PEO Pro-Staff: Stefan Cornelissen

            The importance of education is stressed repeatedly by Pro-Staffer Stefan Cornelissen.  He took to the classroom of Brunskill Elementary School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to educate kids on waterfowl hunting and the importance of wetland conservation.  The kids were educated in an interactive manor about the importance of wetland conservation and waterfowl hunting by bird identification games, calling demonstrations, and duck call prizes.  Education of such topics at a young age is very important due to the fact that these kids are the next generation of land stewards and conservationist.  Stefan said “My goal is to spark interest in just ONE kid today.  Just one kid who ends up pursuing hunting and conservation and may have never known the importance of conservation and its ties to hunting.”  Education has been a part of his life since teaching kids at the RAMSAR recognized and funded “Marshquest” education program which interactively educates about 1200 children on the importance of wetlands. Prairies Edge Outfitting is committed to educating kids on the hunting and conservation methods into the future. 

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