Sept 2014 Saskatchewan Hunting Report

Sept 2014 Saskatchewan Hunting Report

December 11, 2014 by

The 2014 waterfowl hunting season in Saskatchewan, Canada, opened up with a bang!  Better than average numbers of birds in our hunting area made finding early season shoots a breeze!  Good shoots of big Canada geese and Specks in the morning with a handfull of snows thrown in was the norm for almost all of Sept with afternoon duck hunts being on small waterholes about 30% of the time and on dry fields the rest of the time.  The duck hunting was better than average for Sept.  The ratio of Mallards to Pintails was about 70-30 this year At the start of the season.  All of our Sept hunters enjoyed fantastic mixed bag shoots throughout the month, the migration was slow and steady with stale birds filtering out and new birds filtering in constantly.

Overall Sept was a month of hot dry weather (averaged mid 60s) and the hunting was very steady with the birds coming to the fields in small flights and very spread out which makes for a great shoot as the fun lasts longer! The only downside of the beautiful weather was the mosquitos! To any of our new hunters if you come in Sept its always a good idea to pack some bug spray just in case!  See you next Sept! Book Your Hunt Now 

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