Tips on traveling to Canada

Tips on traveling to Canada

Tips on traveling to Canada

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Determine your travel method and time frame

Will you fly or drive?  Book a flight yourself or use our recommended travel agent? Fly into Saskatoon and rent a car or fly a private plane right to North Battleford?  There are many ways to get to Canada just be sure to plan in advance so you can book flights if needed.  The fall is a busy time with lots of hunters coming to Saskatchewan and the number of direct flights to Saskatoon are limited so the earlier you can book the better.  If your planning to drive what border crossing will you use?  What are their hours of operation?  Not all border crossings are open 24 hrs and you dont want to be stranded late at night.  

However you choose to get to Canada for your hunt you will want to ensure that you plan your travels with enough time to get here and get home without missing any of the hunting or being too rushed.  Plan to arrive in North Battleford, Saskatchewan by early-mid afternoon on the day prior to your hunt if possible.  This will allow you to unpack and relax before supper.

Likewise plan to have a late afternoon (3pm or later) departure on the last day of your hunt to allow for a full hunt in the morning, time to pack up and have lunch etc.  Rememember there is always a few things that can go wrong and delay your arrival or departure so it is smart to give yourself some extra time to allow for unforeseen circumstances.  Many hunters choose to stay in an airport hotel and fly out the next morning to avoid any rushing on the last day of the hunt.  Prairies Edge Outfitting can recommend hotels as well as restaurants in Saskatoon upon request. 

Be prepared for your entrance into Canada

You will be required to clear Canadian Customs regardless of whether you fly or drive and whether you bring firearms or not. You will need to present a valid passport at the border crossing. At Canadian Customs, you will be asked several questions about the purpose of your trip, the length of your stay, where you live, who you are hunting with, etc. It is a very good idea to have your welcome package or contract printed out to show them if needed. At this point, all alcohol, tobacco, ammunition and firearms must be declared. Remember to have your firearms declaration forms ready to go if bringing your own shotguns. (Prairies Edge Outfitting provides all clients with the needed forms)

Please note that any criminal records, even a DUI, can prevent travel into Canada. If you have any past criminal history please visit or call 1-204-488-6350 and ask for Mitch or Brenda or e-mail If you have any type of criminal conviction, even if you’ve been charged and not convicted, you should call Canada Border Crossing Services well in advance so that clearance and temporary visas can be arranged.


Cell Phone and credit card useage

If you plan to use your cell phone or credit card in Canada make sure you talk to both companies prior to departing on your trip.  Unexpected out of country charges can cause your credit card to be suspended or cancelled altogether and not having the right cellular plan can result in being shut off or being charged extremely high rates for roaming and data usage.


Hopefully these tips are helpful for you first time traveling hunters coming to Saskatchewan for a waterfowl hunt.  Canada is a great place to visit and with a little planning your trip will be stress free and you can focus on the hunting!

If you have any questions or would like to book an outfitted waterfowl hunting trip in Saskatchewan Canada call or email Mike McLane anytime at 403-807-9939  

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