Waterfowl Hunting Clothes

Waterfowl Hunting Clothes

Waterfowl Hunting Clothes

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Here are some ideas for you of what kind of hunting clothing to bring to Saskatchewan, Canada, on your waterfowl hunting adventure.  No matter what kind of outfitted hunt you are going on it always pays to talk directly to the outfitter and see what they recommend bringing to wear on the hunt.  


Prairies Edge Outfitting recommends all our hunters bring the following clothing:


Camouflage head gear.  You will be hunting out of blinds which will hide your body, however you head will be exposed so you will need good, comfortable, head gear, a camo hat or toque is a must and a face mask or face paint is recommended.   Anything you can do to help hide yourself from the birds eyes means greater odds of successShop Headgear Now

Bring lots of layers as the temperatures in the fall can range from the low 30s on the morning hunt to the high 70s on the same day during the afternoon hunt, and there is always the possibility of hunting in wind, rain or snow so come with multiple layers that can be quickly removed or put on as needed.  A moisture wicking base layer and 2 outer layers is most common 

 Gloves: We recommend 2 pairs of gloves, one really warm pair to keep your hands warm while setting up or waiting for the birds to arrive, and one light pair that could be worn while shooting if needed.


Boots: waterproof boots are highly recommended in case we run into mud, but other than that it is personal preference just bring a boot that you will be comfortable in and that will keep your toes warm on a below freezing hunt,  many hunters complain that the boots they need to keep their feet warm on the morning hunts are much too hot for the afternoon hunt, in this case it can be a good idea to just pack the lighter boot along with good wool socks and hand/foot warmer gel packs for those frosty morning hunts.



The bottom line is, bring what you are comfortable hunting in and make sure you will be warm enough, nothing is worse than being uncomfortable or cold on a hunt.


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If you have any other questions about hunting clothes or would like to book a hunt Call Mike at 403-807-9939 or E-mail


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