Hunting Geese in Saskatchewan, Canada

Hunting Geese in Saskatchewan, Canada

Most waterfowlers consider Saskatchewan a goose hunter's dream! Located in the central flyway, with large amounts of farmland, wetlands, and lakes, a Saskatchewan goose hunt with Prairies Edge Outfitting is an experience of a lifetime. Premier location and waterfowl habitat combine to make bird hunting in Saskatchewan the best of the best. Giant Canada Geese, snows, and speckle bellies call this Canadian province home. If you're looking to get some spectacular goose hunting, and possibly bag that trophy-sized Snow goose, speck, or Canada goose to take to the taxidermist, Saskatchewan is the ideal hunting location. Vast tracts of treeless farmland and fields make for a perfect feeding ground for ducks and geese - it's what SK is famous for. When looking to do some duck and goose hunting in Saskatchewan, we always look for pea fields. Peas are the crop of choice and this works well for hunting because the peas are usually the first to be harvested in the fall, right before the season opens. The second choice is barley or any silage cut fields. No matter where the geese are feeding, you can bet that Prairies Edge Outfitting will have their patterns dialed in and will put you on the birds!

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Goose Hunting Saskatchewan

The Geese in Saskatchewan

How We Pattern The Ducks & Geese

The ducks and geese in our hunting area roost on large water bodies for the night and then filter into the fields in the morning.  The way we hunt waterfowl in Saskatchewan is easy. The geese and ducks will come off the roost water at first light and this is when our scouts and guides follow them to the field or feeding ground. Once a field with enough geese is spotted the farmer/landowner must be contacted and permission to hunt is requested.  our local guides are given access without any problems because of our long-standing relationships with the majority of landowners. Once we have the hunting permission we call the property a "hunt" or a "shoot in the bag" and we will continue to watch the field until we are ready to hunt it.

Scouting For Hunting Geese in Saskatchewan

Scouting For Hunting Geese in Saskatchewan

At Prairies Edge Outfitting we always watch the duck or goose hunting fields in the morning or afternoon right before we hunt them. We want to make sure that nothing goes wrong at the last minute so that your waterfowl hunt will be one that you can remember as the best hunt ever. You might wonder what can go wrong at the last minute. A coyote can run the geese off, a poacher can drive by and start shooting, or maybe the birds might decide to move on to the next field for the day. Whatever the case may be, our experienced spotters and hunting guides will always have a few options and tricks up their sleeves to ensure you have the waterfowl hunting adventure of a lifetime.

Why use an outfitter?

Spotting can take a lot of time and manpower which is only the beginning of your Saskatchewan Canada goose hunt! After you find the geese, you have to get permission to hunt, then watch them to determine if there is a good huntable number, then you have to actually set up your goose decoys and hunt! This is a lot of fun, but can also be a lot of work and take up a lot of time. The best option is to hire an expert outfitter to take care of the scouting and setting up the hunts, so your valuable time can be spent hunting.

Saskatchewan Goose Hunting

Action Packed Goose Hunts in Saskatchewan

Experience Goose Hunting in Saskatchewan

Fast-paced shooting action is the standard order of the day. Flock after flock of mallards and pintails will be in at first light with the Specks and Canada's not far behind! On a good mixed bag hunt, we will get some snow goose action as well.  Liberal limits in Canada and an abundance of unpressured birds, what more could a waterfowl hunter want? Come to Saskatchewan Canada to hunt geese with a professional goose hunting outfitter and we promise you won't be disappointed!

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