How to Choose A Canada Waterfowl Hunting Outfitter

How to Choose A Canada Waterfowl Hunting Outfitter

Waterfowl Outfitter Canada

Your waterfowl hunting outfitter experience begins when you first contact us.  Call or email anytime and all your questions will be answered promptly and thoroughly.  Good communication is the key to planning a great hunting trip, so we encourage you to let us know if there is anything we can help you with.

Contract & Firearms Declaration Forms

Once you have made the decision to book a trip and the dates have been confirmed, you will receive a welcome package.  This package includes helpful information about what to bring, what to expect, contact numbers, etc. as well as a hunt contract.  This contract outlines everything that is included in the hunt and holds Prairies Edge Outfitting responsible to deliver the services that were promised.  Beware of outfitters that do not provide a detailed contract as they have no legal responsibility and may not provide the services they said they would.  Prairies Edge Outfitting also provides you with the firearms declaration forms that are required to bring firearms into Canada. Alternatively, we do have shotguns available for rent if you want to avoid the possible stress at customs. 

Day 1 - Traveling to Canada & Lodging Info

Our goal is to make your trip to Saskatchewan, Canada to hunt waterfowl as easy and worry-free as possible. We take care of everything; we have even partnered up with a full-service travel agency that can make booking your flights and renting a vehicle as easy as a quick phone call. Once you arrive at the Canada Hunting Lodge, our award-winning accommodations that offering many luxurious amenities, such as a swimming pool, hot tubs, sauna, steam room, fitness center, business center, and more. We believe that having a comfortable place to relax and unwind after the day's hunt is a very important aspect of an enjoyable trip. Once settled into your room we will all get together, usually for a big supper, to get to know each other, discuss how the hunting has been going and get all your licenses sorted out.  Once supper is over, it's off to bed to get a good night's sleep.

Day 2 - The Hunt Itinerary

Your waterfowl hunting adventure has begun!  Early the next morning, you will be met at the door with steaming hot, fresh coffee as well as light snacks for an early AM breakfast, then it's into the trucks and off to the goose field. 

Our waterfowl hunting trips are typically focused on goose hunting in the morning and duck hunting in the afternoon, so the first morning will be a goose hunting setup.  Prairies Edge Outfitting uses only top-of-the-line gear; we spare no expense to make your hunt as successful as possible.  Full body decoys, comfortable layout blinds, as well as Mojos, rotary machines, and whatever the latest and greatest technology of the waterfowl hunting world has produced for us that year are available for our guests.

Since Prairies Edge Outfitting is the Saskatchewan Pro Staff member for Tanglefree Waterfowl Products, we always have the newest and best gear, usually, before it is for sale to the general public.  With your guides and scout's expertise, the hunt will be set up for success; you will be stocked with shells, coffee, snacks, and general safety rules will be laid out. 

Now it's time to hunt!  At first light, the ducks and geese will begin to arrive. Your expert hunting guide will do all the calling, keep you informed as to where the birds are, and will call the shot when they are finishing at your feet!  Our painstaking attention to detail continues during and after the hunt, whether it is showing you calling techniques, identifying duck species, explaining decoy strategies, or giving suggestions to improve speed or shooting form, your guide is there to help you have to best waterfowl hunt ever!  Once you have reached your bag limit or the morning hunt is over, it is time to pack up, take some spectacular photos for the bragging book and head back to town for a big brunch.  Remember, with Prairies Edge Outfitting everything is included in your hunt, all the meals are complimentary and the birds will be taken and cleaned, packaged, and frozen for you, the choice is yours whether you would like to take the birds home with you or donate them.  Either way, we will take care of it.

The goal for you is to relax, enjoy your self and have the hunt of a lifetime!  After brunch it is time for a break, head back to the hotel for a quick nap, hit the pool, or take a tour of North Battleford.  Then, it is time for the afternoon hunt.  Once again you will be picked up at the door by your guide and transported to the duck hunting location of choice.  A duck hunting setup can be completely different than a goose hunt, or it can be very similar, depending on the location, terrain, and weather.  You can have the utmost confidence in your guiding crew that they will have the best possible setup planned for that hunt.  Each hunt is different and needs to be planned specifically with that in mind.  This is where scouting is key.  Prairies Edge Outfitting has expert scouts that drive the entire countryside daily to find the birds, network with the landowners, and watch the habits and movements of the birds.  The feeding pattern of the geese in a certain field is very important to the setup. For example, if the geese have been landing at the bottom of a small rise and feeding their way up, and we were to set up our decoy spread at the very top, now we are fighting to get the birds to commit to something they are not used to doing and they will be wary, and tough to finish at the top.  Good scouting and knowing the birds is everything on a waterfowl hunt and Prairies Edge Outfitting is a full-time outfitter with a full crew of guides and scouts to ensure we have all the bases covered.  We can not promise you limits every day (beware of outfitters that do!)  but we can promise you that you will be hunting in the best locations, with the highest number of birds, with the best gear, using the best hunting strategies.  After the evening hunt is over it's back to town for a nice steak (or your meal of choice) supper.  Then we will do it all again the next day!  Your waterfowl hunt will continue until your last day which will conclude with a final morning hunt and then it's time to say our goodbyes.  As mentioned, everything is included in the cost so there is no surprise bill at the end of the hunt.  Your guides and scouts are there to help you until the very moment you leave, anything we can do to help we are happy to.  Helping with luggage, packing your frozen birds in a cooler, running to Walmart for last-minute flight items, etc.  If and when you decide to give Prairies Edge Outfitting a try, you will see for yourself that our commitment to customer service is unparalleled in the outfitting industry, not to mention the waterfowl hunting is world-class.  We invite you to come up to Saskatchewan, Canada, for our spectacular waterfowl hunt and see what we are all about, it's an experience you will never forget and your only regret will be not doing it sooner.  Contact us with any questions you have, or to book a hunt today!

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