Duck & Goose Hunting Species & Habitat Saskatchewan

Duck & Goose Hunting Species & Habitat Saskatchewan

Types of Waterfowl Species & Habitat in Saskatchewan

Prairies Edge Outfitting is located in the first major staging area south of the Northern Boreal forest in Saskatchewan, Canada, where the majority of all waterfowl nest and raise their young. This area has long been referred to as "the duck factory". We do have excellent numbers of resident birds throughout the province but the amazing numbers of waterfowl that keep hunters coming back for guided waterfowl hunts year after year migrate down from the north.

What Kind of Saskatchewan Ducks do You Hunt?

The ducks we target are the puddle ducks (also known as dabbling ducks) that will feed heavily in the farm fields. Currently, at Prairies Edge Outfitting we do not target any diver ducks nor do we hunt any large bodies of water, as we prefer to leave these as undisturbed roost waters and a place of refuge for the waterfowl to relax and feel safe all season. The puddle ducks that inhabit our region are Mallard, Pintail, Gadwall, Widgeon, Shoveler, Blue-winged Teal, and Green-winged Teal. Of these species the most commonly harvested on our Saskatchewan waterfowl hunts are the Mallard and the Pintail, with the ratio being almost exactly half mallards and half pintails with occasional teal, widgeon and gadwall picked up as a pleasant surprise on a duck hunt.  Duck hunts take place in the feeding fields, or in small potholes that will attract ducks before and after feeding, while on their way to and from the roost.

Why Kind of Geese do You Hunt in Saskatchewan?

The different species of geese that inhabit our outfitting area in northwestern Saskatchewan, are the Canada goose in all different sizes from the 14LB giants down to mallard-size cacklers, the White-fronted goose (commonly called the Speckle Belly or "Speck") as well as Ross and Snow geese. These geese hit the grain fields with a healthy appetite and feed very consistently, morning and evening throughout the hunting season. Goose hunting is done exclusively on farm fields and Prairies Edge Outfitting does not target any geese on the water.  Once again this is done to preserve the waterbodies as a safe, calm, roosting place and to avoid pressuring the birds too much.

Do You Ever See Hybrid Geese or Ducks in Canada?

On an interesting side note, we have harvested a handful of ducks and one goose over the years in Saskatchewan, which by all appearances had been crossbred between 2 different species. This makes for a very interesting supper table conversation and a very unique trophy mount for the lucky hunters!

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