Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunting Outfitters

Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunting Outfitters

Prairies Edge Outfitting is located in the first major staging area south of the Northern Boreal forest in Saskatchewan, Canada, where the majority of all waterfowl nest and raise their young.  This area has long been referred to as "the duck factory" of North America.  We have excellent numbers of resident mallards and Canada geese throughout the province but the amazing numbers of waterfowl that keep hunters coming back year after year migrate down from the north and begin to flock up in the vast prairie fields starting every September.  Our hunting and outfitting area is waterfowl heaven with potholes and large water bodies littering the landscape.  Mix the water with endless farm fields that grow lush crops of peas, lentils, wheat, and barley and you have the perfect habitat for attracting and holding huge flocks of waterfowl.  From giant Canadas to the smallest lessers, from Specks to Snows and Mallards to Pintails we have the birds and we would love the chance to help you experience this amazing waterfowl adventure for yourself.  Saskatchewan is Canada's best waterfowl hunting and Prairies Edge Outfitting is Saskatchewan's best waterfowl outfitter!

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Successful Waterfowl Hunt

Why Choose PEO as Your Outfitter?

There are many other Canadian guides and outfitters for you to choose from when looking for a Saskatchewan waterfowl hunting outfitter. Some can offer great services, others not so much, but why do we think many of our clients choose Prairies Edge Outfitting?  It is our 100% commitment to higher-than-average customer service, as well as extremely hard-working, passionate staff that provides our hunters with great hunts for ducks and geese day after day.  Take a look here to see why we are your very best option when choosing between different waterfowl hunting outfitters for your hunt.

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Best Waterfowl Outfitter Canada

Waterfowl Hunting Canada

A Typical Day Of Waterfowl Hunting

Get ready for a waterfowl adventure like none other. Our SK hunts start off very early in the morning with your guides picking you up well before dawn with fresh, steaming hot coffee and a light breakfast.  Then it's into the guide's vehicle and off to the hunting location. Once you arrive in the field your guide will coordinate the hunt set up, decoys will be placed, blinds prepped, and just like that you're ready for a great hunt.  Find out more on what to expect on a typical hunting day here with Canadian Outfitter Prairies Edge Outfitting.

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Hunting Packages and Rates

Hunting Packages and Rates

Interested in setting up a duck or goose hunt? A Saskatchewan, Canada, Outfitted waterfowl hunt is a big investment, we do not want any surprises or hidden costs to ruin your trip.  We offer all inclusive hunting packages with everything included.

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Hunting Ducks in Saskatchewan Canada

Clouds of Ducks!

Saskatchewan is a Duck Hunters Dream

The ducks we target in our Saskatchewan outfitting and guiding area are the puddle ducks (also known as dabbling ducks) that will feed heavily in the farm fields.  Currently, at Prairies Edge Outfitting we do not target any diver ducks nor do we hunt ducks on any large bodies of water, as we prefer to leave these as undisturbed roost waters and a place of refuge for the waterfowl to relax and feel safe all season.  The puddle ducks that inhabit our region are Mallard, Pintail, Gadwall, Widgeon, Shoveler, Blue-winged Teal, and Green-winged Teal.  Of these species the most commonly harvested on our Saskatchewan, Canada, guided waterfowl hunts are the Mallard and the Pintail, with the ratio being almost exactly half mallards and half pintails with occasional teal, widgeon and gadwall picked up as a pleasant surprise on a duck hunt.  Our guided duck hunts take place in the feeding fields, or in small potholes that will attract ducks before and after feeding, while on their way to and from the roost.  Saskatchewan's best duck hunting outfitter and guide is Prairies Edge Outfitting

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In Your Face Goose Hunting Action

In Your Face Goose Hunting Action

The different species of geese that inhabit our outfitting area in northwestern Saskatchewan, Canada, are the Canada goose in all different sizes from the 14LB giants down to mallard-size cacklers, the White-fronted goose (commonly called the Speckle Belly or "Speck") as well as Ross and Snow geese.  These geese hit the grain fields with a healthy appetite and feed very consistently, morning and evening throughout the hunting season.  Goose hunting is done exclusively on farm fields and Prairies Edge Outfitting does not hunt any geese on the water.  Once again this is done to preserve the water bodies as a safe, calm, roosting place and to avoid pressuring the birds too much.  Calm relaxed birds make for better guided goose hunts!  Find out more about why Canada's best goose hunting outfitter is Prairies Edge Outfitting!

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Spring Snow goose hunts Saskatchewan

Spring Snow Geese Canada

Spring Snow Goose Hunting

Looking to have a winter storm of geese hovering above your barrel? Does the sound of the high-pitched snows and blue geese calling bring you goosebumps? Then our snow goose hunt is for you. As one of the best snow goose hunting outfitters in Saskatchewan, we put you right in the middle of the action. With snows left, right, and center, you better bring the ammo, as this hunt is sure to make your heart pound and test your shooting skills!

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Hunting the pothole Region of Saskatchewan

Hunting The Pothole Region

Hunting the Pothole Region of Saskatchewan

Located just south of the Northern Boreal forest in the Pothole, Prairie region of Saskatchewan, Canada, Prairies Edge Outfitting is at the very start of the yearly migration.  The first staging area for northern birds as well as home to thousands of waterfowl that nest and raise their young here, Saskatchewan is an excellent area for waterfowl hunters across the world to experience. The amazingly high volume of waterfowl in the area is what keeps our hunters coming back year after year.  Prairies Edge Outfitting has exclusive access to thousands of acres of private land that is prime duck and goose hunting habitat! 

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What To Think About When Selecting a Outfitter

What To Think About When Selecting a Outfitter

Prairies Edge Outfitting is the Saskatchewan, Canada waterfowl hunting outfitter that sets itself apart from the rest. Successful waterfowl hunting depends on good scouting and hunting knowledge, however, being a successful Canadian waterfowl hunting outfitter involves much more than that.  Many hunting guides know how to hunt ducks and geese but Prairies Edge Outfitting is proud of the great attention to detail that goes into our first-class waterfowl hunting operation.  Your trip to Saskatchewan is not simply a hunting trip but also a vacation and an experience that should be enjoyable in every way.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of the many common questions we get from interested waterfowl hunters every year.  Take a look to learn more about our outfitting and guiding services and what we can offer you!

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Waterfowl Outfitter Reviews Canada

Great Reviews!

Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunting Reviews

What it all boils down to is what our customers really have to say about our waterfowl outfitting business.  From the communication while booking the hunt to all the little details before, during, and after the hunt to the success rate and the number of birds seen. Take a peek at a few of the many clients who email in talking about the experience they have had when booking and hunting with us at Prairies Edge Outfitting. It only takes one time with us, and we guarantee you will be back year after year!  The experience of our Canadian waterfowl hunting guides putting you on birds will not disappoint!

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