Best Duck Hunting Saskatchewan Canada

Best Duck Hunting Saskatchewan Canada

Duck hunting in Saskatchewan is world renowned for good reason! Did you know that one out of every four ducks in North America comes from Saskatchewan? This means there is plenty of great duck hunting opportunities for the best, most experienced wingshooter, down to the newbie or young gun just starting out in waterfowling. Waterfowl hunting just doesn't get any better than this!  Located in the north, where most waterfowl start their migration, the birds are less pressured, more hungry, and come in hot from every angle! This makes for some of the best waterfowl hunting, better than anywhere else in the world! Saskatchewan duck hunting has been described by many as "tornados of ducks" or "more ducks than I have ever seen". You owe it to yourself to come and see what the duck hunting fuss is all about in Saskatchewan, as the top waterfowl hunting outfitter in Canada, Prairies Edge Outfitting will put you on the ducks every time.

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Duck Hunting Saskatchewan

The Duck Hunting Saskatchewan

Best Duck Hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada

Unpressured ducks and geese decoy easily and always come to the call. However, make no mistake, as these birds are still smart, so we still have to hide our blinds well and have proficient callers & guides working with you. Birds we hunt range from Pintails to Widgeon and Mallards to Gadwall. Aside from the best duck hunting in Canada, we also can place you on some Sandhill Cranes if the opportunity presents itself, As a first class outfitter PEO goes above and beyond to take care of all your needs and whatever your preference for hunting is we will do everything possible to accommodate you.

Prairies Edge Outfitting offers some of the worlds finest waterfowl hunting in Saskatchewan and we would love to have you come join us and experience it for your self! We are Saskatchewans hardest working duck hunting outfitter and our enthusiasm, hard work and passion is unmatched. We are a Saskatchewan duck hunting team full of energy and ambition and we will do everything possible to ensure that your waterfowl hunt is one to remember. We hope you come back year after year to experience the unbelievable duck hunting action in SK!

Saskatchewan duck hunting

World Class Saskatchewan duck hunting

Great Duck Hunting Action = Happy Clients

Duck hunting in Saskatchewan typically consists of hunting from previously scouted potholes, dry fields, and or our favorite honey holes. However, don't be surprised to limit out on ducks and geese in the morning. Bagging your limit of ducks happens quite often to our duck hunters. If you do happen limit out on your morning hunt, we have plenty of other hunting opportunities for you to enjoy. One afternoon option is to hunt for snow geese, it tends to be a great time and a favorite among our clients.

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Saskatchewan Hunting Opportunities At Prairies Edge Outfitting.

Saskatchewan Hunting Opportunities At Prairies Edge Outfitting.

If you have a full limit of ducks, other afternoon options on a Saskatchewan waterfowl hunt include upland bird hunting. Some of our duck hunters choose to simply relax, or they might want to ride along with our guides and do some scouting for the next day's duck or goose hunt in Canada. This is a fun way to experience firsthand how much work goes into an outfitted duck hunting adventure. Your guides, outfitter, and spotters all work together as a team to find the ducks, get landowner's permission, watch the ducks and make sure everything is perfect, and then finally set up a hunt in that location.

Scouting is critical to your Saskatchewan duck hunt. You have to find out where the ducks are feeding if you want to have a successful Saskatchewan duck hunt. Our spotters are chasing the geese and ducks daily to keep tabs on where they are roosting and where they are feeding as well as what fields are being harvested and whether are there new ducks that may have migrated into the area. Duck hunting can really be described as an art form. It takes time and effort and passion for hunting ducks and geese to make it all come together.

Scouting for ducks is only the first step along the way, the step needed is permission to hunt the land. If you want to hunt ducks and geese in Saskatchewan or anywhere in Canada you will most likely be hunting on private land which requires you to obtain permission from the landowners. Prairies Edge Outfitting works hard year-round to keep in good standing with the local landowners.

Duck Hunting dogs Canada

Duck Hunting Dog

The Keys to a Sucessful Saskatchewan Duck Hunt

Once permission is given and the choice is made to hunt that location the next morning or afternoon you must set up properly. Having a good duck hunting outfitter and guide is the key to success here. Experienced duck hunters know that the better your blinds are hidden the better your hunt will be. Stubble needs to be raked up to cover the blinds, decoys need to be placed according to the wind and blind position. Your Saskatchewan duck hunting guide and outfitter will make sure that everything is perfect to ensure success. This is our job and this is what we do. After the finishing touches are put on the spread we wait for the ducks to arrive. Ducks are the first to usually come in and the action is fast and furious. In the field, we commonly shoot mallards and pintails. Over water, we will have teal, widgeon, and redheads coming into the decoys. Next, the geese come in. There is nothing more exciting than a group of giant Canada geese decoying perfectly with their feet out and wings cupped, right in front of the blinds. This is the moment a duck hunting guide lives for!

Once you see it you will come back to Saskatchewan to hunt ducks forever. Duck hunting is never the same after you visit Prairies Edge Outfitting. We provide you with the best hunting you could ever ask for. If you want to see it for yourself, contact us and we will book your spot now.

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